The Monsoon diary

Gone are the days of scrotching heat and dusty days, gone are days of stinky sweat and withering skin, gone are the days of drought and famine, gone are the days of blasting and vibrant summer vaccation. Atlast the summer has ended in god’s own country.

Onset of Monsoon

Welcome Monsoon, make us all fresh and cool, a season of rain and rain and rain……., puddles, pools and flooding. It is a season that makes every malayalee nostalgic, it brings the warmth memories of our childhood days, the days we gamed under the rain over the puddles and pools, the days we made our fresh white uniform to a thick mud holder. All are still afresh in our minds as it happened yesterday. Yet another monsoon season is here, let us all enjoy the cool and cosy days ahead.



It happens again and again in India, Jaipur was the last place to victimized. Killing over 80 innocent people, majority of them was Hindus. Some fanatic Muslim terrorist group has already taken the responsibility. I don’t know what have they gained and I what are they up to. But I know one thing that these arrogant fanatics are nothing but cowards, who doesn’t have a noble cause as well as a backbone to come in front of the people and do their ‘Holy Jihad’.

As far as our honorable UPA government is concerned, they have done their routine farce. They had condemned “this despicable act of terrorism”, appeals for communal harmony, announced some financial relief to the family of victims, so that they will keep quiet and promptly buries the whole thing, orders a ‘tooth and nail’ inquiry to the matter and there ends all. The citizens of this democratic country slowly forgets everything and those cowards are safe on the loose, planning a better attack over a next peaceful place. Look in comparison at how quickly the perpetrators of the London train bombings were caught, or those of the Madrid train bombs, whereas the ‘Jihadis‘ of the Mumbai train blast are still free.

There is no way well coordinated, well-timed criminal acts such as the one in Jaipur or the Mumbai train blast can be done, without not only local support, but also of a strong hatred against Hindus among some of the local Muslim population. I wonder why do Indian Muslims not coming out more openly to condemn these acts of terrorism. The impression wrongly created, is that there is some support for these acts among Indian Muslims.

If the people of India doesn’t wake-up against this motherless cowards at least by now, then it will be the people, the citizens of India, who will be the biggest losers. Hence I humbly request you all to rose against this ‘Jihadism‘ and wipe of those culprits, who are involved and help ourselves to live in peace.


A Sky of hope

It has been a pretty long time, since I made a post on my blog. Though I started away with a few write-ups at the start of this year, I couldn’t continue the flow. For the past few months, I was actually on a vacation (a hideout). I was indeed hoping for some changes in my life. Alas it didn’t happen. Moreover my work ground (British Library-the vast knowledge base) was shut down. They (the authorities) said it was due to some administrative decisions. Whatever may be the reason, indeed it was a huge blow to me. I lost track of the information that I conceived every day. It was like taking the eyes off from my face. For some time I had to adjust with the darkness. My routine was disturbed. I was forced to compromise my precious energy to find new vistas. It was a period of stress and strain. The trauma was  bit painful. But I had to strive hard to sustain my life.

And time passed..now after those stressful months when I look back, it gives me a sort of confidence, a sort of fresh energy that inspires me to live ahead.

I feel like scribbling again in my blog. I find everyday as a new chapter of events. I find something in everything I see, so that I feel like describing it and so here I am after a long vacation.


Hopeful 2 0 0 8

Rather a new beginning or a fresh start ! Let it be an year of prosperity, happiness and fruitfulness.

HAPPY 2 00 8 to all HUMAN beings………!

Happy New Year

Bannana Peels

and thus ends 2007……

An year of mixed trends – nothing much to praise about, but something there to think about. As we look back through 2007, the main events that hit the news were rising oil prices, diminishing dollar, elections in the Europe and the South America, increased tensions in Iraq and the troubled Palestine, some of the space shuttling by the NASA, and at-last the brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto to end with.

And thus goes an year of mixed trends and dramas. As for me 2007 was of something that gave only a routine life and not much of a color to spell about.

Let us wish the coming year realizes our hopes and dreams. Let 2008 be an year of happiness and prosperity. At least let us believe 2008 be an year that will make our mother Earth a little bit better place to live in.

AIDS, these four letters are the most dreaded of all by the humans., and its the most celebrated of all in the present century. Everybody knows by its name and what it is, everybody fears it, but at the same time everybody falls prey to it slowly and yet slowly. Nobody knows the real individuality of it and its existence. We are still on the hunt for its prevention and complete cure but when and how is yet to be answered.

AIDS Red Ribbon

So what is AIDS? As every one knows, the expansion is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and that is the only clear knowledge that the commons has about AIDS, but how it is acquired – though we specify some of the factors we are not so sure that whether they are the only factors that spread this devil. How effectively we can cure this and how effectively we can prevent this – these are areas still on discussion.  Lot of malignancies still prevail about AIDS, when and how are this going to be cleared are still unknown.

AIDS has become a celebration for the celebrities, and those of the soaps. Inumerous funds are being collected world wide for the cure and the prevention. Infact AIDS itself now enjoys the role of super celebrity. Have all this created a sense of knowledge among the people about what it is and why it is?

At the present situation the only thing that we, the commons can do is stick to all kind of available knowldge and be vigilent about this malicious predator. Keep aloof from the immorals of life and be very very careful in open treatments of various other diseases. Because that will throw open the doors for this enemy to get in.

On this occasion of the WORLD AIDS DAY, let all of us stick together and pledge together to be prepared to fight this vicious predator away from this planet as soon as we can.

Alonso leaves McLaren

 Fernando Alonso